Nedra Deadwyler Consulting
Nedra positions herself in the center of story, race, history, and place.  She brings sensitivity, awareness, thoughtfulness and expertise into product design.


  • Tourism project development 
  • Community Engagement
  • Place-keeping and Place-defining
  • Research and writing
  • Oral history
  • Family archive design and management
  • Race, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Asset Mapping

Potential clients may fit into one of these descriptions:

  • Tourism Project: Tourism projects can be for a municipality, community, or organization who wants a tour, event, activity created to engage individuals and groups, locals and tourists alike. The product can be for a specific location or topic.
  • Community Engagement: If a group, city, organization is in search of a community engagement partner who values Black, POC, immigrant, LGBTQAI+, low mobility, and those across the age span, Nedra would be a good partner to lead and design this stage of any project. 
  • Place-keeping and Place-defining: Place-keeping and place-defining events are different from place-making events in that Place-keeping events, experiences, engagements are designed to celebrate the existing culture and community, and place-defining events are to provide ways to support, elevate, and push against gentrification. Both project types are designed with community members and with their interests and needs in mind.
  • Research and Writing: Well- researched articles about Black, Indigenous, POC (BIPOC).
  • Oral History: Allows for the history of the everyday person to be captured. The personal story is encapsulated in known history and questions are designed before-hand to bring out the personal story and lesser known history. This is a great way to if you are in search of a way to preserve family history and share it with the next generation. 
  • Family archive: Designed to support an individual or a family seeking to preserve personal and family stories or create an archive.
  • Race, Equity and Inclusion: Race, Equity and Inclusion is a common phrase. Nedra designs  unique experiences; conversation series, activities and history lessons, dinner series, book clubs are just a few examples of formats used to increase more awareness on issues surrounding race, equity, and inclusion.
  • Asset Mapping: Want a deeper dive into your community's assets; including but not limited to local businesses, service groups, art and culture related businesses, artists, and groups, etc. that are lesser known


She specializes in narratives of complicated and/ or contested histories. And in creating a curriculum that corresponds with the created product.


State of Georgia Office of Historic Preservation, African American Division, July 2020. Reflections: Griffin Rosenwald School Gives Fairmont its Roots and Wings

Civil Bikes
Chattahoochee Hills Bike Farm Tour
Move + Occupy Series


We are interested in hearing from you. Contact with us to learn more if we would be a good partner for your project.

  • We offer a free 15 min consult about your project.

Text or Tele: 404-323-8754
Email: nedraknows@gmail.com

We may either meet virtually over Zoom or meet up in a socially distant way at a locally Black owned business, or go for a socially distant walk, bike ride, or scoot.

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Hour Consultation
Hour Consultation
This is a time-slot to discuss further your project, event, or service. This is designed to be a "pick my brain" session to generate ideas and share what we are able to do for you. This happens after an introductory conversation. This does not conclude with a work plan, though a follow up would be having a deeper discussion in order to design a work plan.



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