Nedra Deadwyler Consulting
Nedra positions herself in the center of story, race, history, and place.  She brings sensitivity, awareness, thoughtfulness, and expertise to product design.

My values towards this work.

build + collaborate with us!
Central Nest: Our Identities Are Magical  
- Oral History Collection - Writing/Analysis/Reflection 
- Digital Platform

Middle Nest: Multiple Viewpoints  
- Community-led Tours
- Research/CulturalWorkshops  
- Facilitation/Research/Collaborative Projects/Workshops

Outer/Edge Nest: Co-Design 
- Intentionally Cultivated Organizational Partnerships 
- Fee for Service Seeking Nedra's Viewpoint/Management


State of Georgia Office of Historic Preservation, African American Division, July 2020. Reflections: Griffin Rosenwald School Gives Fairmont its Roots and Wings

Read my contribution to Bicycling magazine, an article about Black folks on bikes in Atlanta.

Civil Bikes
Save Your Spaces
AntiRacist Farmers Market Toolkit by Farmers Market Coalition

Chattahoochee Hills Bike Farm Tour
Move + Occupy Series

collaborations for service
Capitol View Neighborhood Association and The Guild
The National Black Food and Justice Alliance
Smart Growth America

recent public speaking + presentations + facilitation
- 2023 Keynote Address at Palmetto Cycling Coalition 
- South and Appalachia Creative Placemaking Summit March 2024
- Smart Growth America Equity Summit


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Hour Consultation
Hour Consultation
This is a time slot to discuss further your project, event, or service. This is designed to be a "pick my brain" session to generate ideas and share what we can do for you. This happens after an introductory conversation. This does not conclude with a work plan, though a follow-up would be having a deeper discussion to design a work plan.


Nedra Deadwyler is a brilliant thinker, speaker, writer, and designer. I had the pleasure of working with Nedra over the course of several years as part of The Antiracist Farmers Market Toolkit Working Group. This was a complex and multi-pronged project in which Nedra led research and writing but also offered her skills as a facilitator, presenter, and designer. Nedra is a joy to work with—creative, responsive, and thoughtful while being willing to pause, reflect, and change directions when needed. She brings her deep engagements with place and history to every collaboration and consciousness of and confidence in her partners and community members that help others believe in themselves and the work they are doing together.

Nino Budabin McQuown 

Project Manager, The National Farmers Market Coalition

Nedra is thoughtful, intentional, and extremely knowledgeable. She is deeply rooted in preserving community well-being, creating spaces of belonging, and elevating historical context. Her guidance and perspective on the Anti-Racist Farmers Market Toolkit made the project well-rounded, resonating with all the fields of study that interlaced with creating a robust, equitable food system. 
Rachael Ward (she/her)
Executive Director, Farmers Market Fund
formerly, Farmers Market Support Project Manager, The National Farmers Market Coalition

Nedra Deadwyler Consulting